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BananaCrystal Program - Earn Interest

We pay our members variable interest rates up to 1.5% per year on the amount that you add to the program.

Your actual interest rate will depend on the fixed loan program you choose and the amount you deposit.

Your Interest Rate

You earn variable interest per year on your money that you loan to us.

Minimum Term

Requires a 90 day fixed term on your principal amount loaned to us.

Monthly Interest Withdrawal Opportunity

You can withdraw your monthly earned interest at any time and your principal whenever your term expires or do nothing and it rolls over for another term automatically at the current interest rate. You are FREE to choose!

Send Money Instantly

Our remittance program allows our members to send money with very low fees.

No Fees for our Members

Send Any Amount

You can send any amount as long as it is below $10,000 per transaction. You’ll see our small network fee upfront.

Note: You first need to complete your AML/KYC information before sending as per the Anti Money Laundering law (AML) and Know your Customer (KYC) government requirement.

Receive Funds In Just 1 - 2 Business Days!

The recipient of the funds can receive it directly in their bank account.
We guarantee transfers in 5 -7 business days. Both you and the recipient will get notifications by email when the money is sent and received.

You can also withdraw your interest earned each month directly into your bank account or into any person’s wallet you choose. It is a great way to send your interest earned each month to friends and family worldwide.

About Us

BananaCrystal is a blockchain financial services company that enables you to accept payments and send payouts and instantly transfer  US Digital Dollar stablecoins on the blockchain. We invest the loans we receive from our members and pass on the profit back to you in the form of high interest payments.

As well as seamlessly allow our members to send money to anyone instantly.

BananaCrystal also incubates projects that have the potential to benefit from blockchain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

A blockchain financial services company. It provides you with a digital dollar account with an option to earn interest. As well as trade on crypto currencies/tokens.  BananaCrystal uses its “Earn Dual Interest” Program to  help our members leverage their insurance to save for retirement. BananaCrystal’s Earn Dual Interest Program makes it possible for our members to borrow against their own capital and earn interest.

We also incubate and invest in high growth projects that have the potential to benefit from blockchain technology.

We are located in Wyoming, USA. Our teams of financial specialists and engineers have a diverse and multicultural background with over 47 years of combined experience in the industry.

BananaCrystal: Enabling People To Be their Own Bank and Grow Their Money Through Earning High Interests. Better Than You Will Get From Saving Your Money In Any Bank!

It is actually very simple. You get a loan agreement with us on the value of whatever amount you feel comfortable with. 

We pay you variable interest payments up to 1.5% per year depending on the amount you choose to loan us.

This amount is not fixed, but variable and changes with fluctuations in the market. Because the rate is variable and dependent on the market, the rate can adjust upwards or downwards during the fixed term.

For example, for a $1,000 or its equivalent in USDT will be at a 0.5% APR interest rate while above $50,000 it will be 1.5% interest rate per year.

You essentially become like the bank!  Basically,  receiving very high interest payments every month. 

Also, if you sign up for our Earn Dual Interest Program then you can essentially borrow from your own funds already earning interest and then pay yourself back based on the interest you earn from loaning us your funds. This is the ultimate wealth building strategy. Previously only available to our high net worth clients. Please contact us to find out more. 


How Do I Participate in your Earn Interest – Loan Program?

– Create Account: Create your account with an e-mail and password.

– Pass ID Verification: Complete your KYC/AML info to pass ID verification.

– Add funds to you BananaCrystal Wallet with your bank account information where you wish to receive your Interest each month.
– Enter your Loan Amount and review your Loan Agreement: Select the interest rate you will receive, then sign a digitalized loan agreement online.
– Fund your account: In Fiat Currency (USD) or using Cryptocurrency transferred from your BananaCrystal wallet (USDT).
– No refund will be made afterwards. You can get started Now

To send money abroad for very low fees you must first sign up, fund your loan account, select bank deposit and enter the amount and you can send money to your preferred country for almost FREE while still earning interest on your loan with us.

All loan terms are locked for an initial 90 day period and it is automatically extended for an additional similar fixed period at the prevailing interest rate except the member chooses to terminate it at its expiration. Upon termination your principal loan balance will be returned to you along with any accrued interest payments pending in your account. Members will have a 7 day period on or around the expiration date to indicate their interest to continue or withdraw their principal loan amount.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to withdraw your principal prior to the expiration of your term. However, you may be able to withdraw your interest earned anytime you choose in the future.

Additionally, we are currently in the process of creating a unique blockchain token to make your loans tradable. Your loan contracts and your tokens will both be recorded on the blockchain. This will enable members to be able to sell their loans to others if for whatever reason you wish to exit sooner.

Great question. We take all the risk and only work with reputable DEFI and CEFI financial institutions that are our partners. These partners only lend your money to institutional and retail borrowers.  We strive to return up to 80% of the revenues made from lending out our community’s assets back to our community on a monthly basis. 

Due to the rate of returns we can achieve in the lending market change nearly every day, we adjust the rates that our community earns on their digital assets on a weekly basis. 

So as you can see we are doing everything possible to protect your funds. But frankly, nothing is 100% guaranteed. You are loaning us money and it is in our best interest to protect your funds and ensure that you receive your high interest rate. We can only generate revenue if you succeed.

You can contact us through our Contact form or by submitting a support ticket located on the footer of the site.

You can also call us at our U.S.A customer service number at (+1) 702-871-8535 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am – 5pm PST.

We are located in Wyoming and Los Angeles, California.

Loan, Earn, and Send Money with US